some of those people might just be on here

there have been many people in the band Flesh Narc

The pom latiee. flesh naroi in a difft way.

member of flesh narc spotted at 1:18 but i cant remember who it is

St Evil

Member St. Evil appears on Eyes on the Fabric (2017) as producer, engineer, mixologist, seismologist, , ok. appears as instrumentalist as well. He also engineered 2021 album Candy and Weed..

‘hammer’ Rob

Rob ‘Hammer” appears on various releases such as Optical Intrustion (2015), Narc It! (2015), Narc That! (2016) and Dinner’s Served (2016). he is also the subject of “Get Rob Paid'” on TS/FN ❤ split cassette and appears in the video as pictured above en route to use his signature move (hammer to the skull)

Puppy appears 2016’s Dark Earth: Lollipop Hunt on keyboards before being kicked out due to busy schedules. Puppy the Related dog is rehired on for 2019’s Understanding Reality but is unable to complete the drum parts due to a busy schedule. Chris Holmes, current flesh narc drummer is hired in Puppy’s place. Puppy is believed to have ghostwritten much of Pillow Talk (2018). Puppy has never appeared live with the band Flesh Narc.

new school tattoo

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make the flesh narc promise: “i promise that i know that there’s more info”

-on account of “Flesh Narc”

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