it’s a flesh narc 2023

we’ve got some new material coming out this year. probalby fall

new live tape out sometime this year. just figured we’d get the promo out of the way now and then it can just come out whenever we need it to. and then just post the youtube link on the website.

new album today! here

i can see that. vvvvvvvvvv

narc on KUZUfm April 1st 2023


our vehicle was sabotaged by possibly two parties intending to play during our slot but unfortunately they forgot to steal the tickets i printed off so they couldnt even get in. apparently anyways. so basically all our show got canceled.


thinking about visiting Tive, NE or Vampira Candle, AZ –trying to route that bjt might not work if weare trying out the other plan we had (texas-kansas–south dakota-north dakota-nebraska-kansas-oklahoma-texas) BUT we could trying ouroriginal plan which would be Texas-new mexico(x2)-arizona(x2)-california(x2)-nevada(x2)-utah(x2)-colorado(x2)-wyoming(x2)-idaho-oregon(x2)-washington(x2)-idaho-montana(x4)-wyoming-idaho-oregon(x2)-california(x3)-nevada-utah-colorado(x2)-new mexico-texas(x3) but i dont think that could be modified so if you’re in Tive or Vampira-Candle let your voice be heard at our email so we can see which one we’ll pick over the other. there’s no other way to tdo this.


welcome to 2023 says Flesh Narc ”we’re playing a show on January 28th 2023 at Double Wide the venue in Dallas, TX. “together we can make it” -Still Shadow, Battery Licker and Python Potions are also playing. THis is the paper i was tlking about i hate this recipe you have posted. Ieverytime I see it Makes me mad. well anyways this will be my last contribution to “Jeremy’s Poke Class” because we will be closing. Only to reopen again as undecioded Pearl Jam restaurant concept!! We’re crazy excited <—paid 2,000 dollars for this super artisanal AI artwork its really not like anything else, excited to use it on asome album art at some point, our tnext show is on January 28th 2023 at doublewide in Dallas flyer is BELOW keep looking vvvvvv



planted webber music video

NOV 10TH 2022

we successfully toured and made it back and it was a ton of fun and we had a lot of fun with our friends the band Child Abuse and we are all rejuvenated and we didnt even have to suffer all that much whennn we came home to the political news that presindent of texas which we figured no matter the all the stuff that could be done. make the flesh narc promise — “i ‘member what their to dos give me. ohhh noooooo a set around and ask them like box like core. i am out of aperture for just this mom’t. Snake. Snake. Snaake. Snake. Snake. Snake”

ALSO posted every setlist of tour already. perhaps you will notice a gap where the Indianapolis show were to be, well it didnt happen and now we cant pay our rent bc we didnt steal enough rent money on tour. Oh well!!

“Planted Webber” from A Fire No Diamond


October 25th – Chicago – Burlington Bar
October 26th – Lafayette – Spot Tavern
October 27th – Kansas City – Farewell
October 28th – Wichita – Lumberyard
October 29th – Denton – Rubber Gloves – No Coast Fest*
October 30th – San Antonio – Snake Hill
October 31st – Austin – The Mohawk
November 1st – Houston – Black Magic Social Club
November 2nd – Baton Rouge – Yes We Cannibal
November 3rd – Mobile – Satori Coffee House
November 4th – Atlanta – No Tomorrow
November 5th – Knoxville – The Pilot Light
November 6th – Richmond – The Warehouse
November 7th – Philadelphia – Big Farma
November 8th – NYC – TV Eye
*only Child Abuse


You’ve bought our latest CD and chosen to contain your excitement. We appreciate that. Flesh Narc has exciting news to announce: 1. we will be joining Child Abuse (Skin Graft Records recording artists) on tour in October and November of this year. After three long years we will finally leave the state of Texas. Click this or the tour button above to learn more about show… And, not to be outdone by a certain Warner Records recording outfit that will also be releasing a second album this year, 2. this is the first official announcement of our new album “A Fire No Diamond” set to come out this fall on CD. Long-time fans may understand our vacillating style-antics, and some may wonder if we’ve become content to stay an ‘experimental’ ‘free-form’ ‘electronic odyssey’ band. Well that ain’t the case. Our new album may be ‘free’ sounding and it is electronic rock but it is ROCK. And live we will be a rock band, unless something happens on tour , in which case i believe we will need to figure out some sort of.. som 2nd option like another cours e Shampoo bele to Bescripted in the S Choice smitten to me brings these Janet so the scroll all the way down to the bottom you can see additional courses 010-151 was theme talk stereo if you’ll excuse 010-151 the aftermath letters to get to the Creek the required math isgonna show up in the top ten o’clock the class is the two car that will probably down towards the bottom said it in every section it’s been atonal of your credit hours okay now how do you view

our next show is September 25th 2022 at Rubber Glovesssss
Narcocosm CD contains ARG on physical release and youre missing the 1st chapter rn??

new album NARCOCOSM out on Marginal Frequency

you can preorder now here’s another link

new album out 05/31/2022
excerpt of new song I Remember Pain
music that get you get zapped by that you were afraid to ask.

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this show happened already

‘dedication’ now on spotify and other streaming services

Above us flies a rubber chicken loose and wheezing. This is a representation of the tenacity of music fans such as yourself. And I think that's beautiful. The sky is no place for a plastic toy to be, however, and its exact placement and timing exert a physical stress unto the mind. You know deep down that you must make an important decision. You've let your voice be heard, for instance, when you've told the band Flesh Narc "oh we like this a little bit" or "don't do that again", and we're listening to whatever you're saying. So this November join us as we perform a consecutive run of live shows across the Texan landscape with numerous national touring acts. This includes Austin and Houston in addition to North Texas, keep a look out for those dates and fliers on whichever social media program you've chose to continue with. We're also proud to unveil our latest CD "Candy & Weed", an anti-entropic, psychedelic rock album for the people of the year 2021. Take a gander at "Final Drip II", and pre-order the new CD if you dare. This has been a Public Narc Announcement.

Album named Flesh Narc

dog namedporky

song by flesh narc

Candy and Weed inspiration article

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