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q: Can Flesh Narc be reached email?
q: How many Flesh Narc songs are there?
a: It should be open soon 🙂 we are unbelievably exceited to show you all what we’ve been working on For somany years now❤❤
q: When is the next release?
a: lol i don’t remember that show but that definitely did not happen. also you ride a plastic dinosaur during your set and mumble over dance back track and leave cake frosting footprint on my car window. i did not perform at lizard performing arts festival unless it was 2011 but i can’t remember wheree that festival was
q: What kind of merchandise is available typically?
a: We will never use your personal information and we will consult using your data
q: I have a copyright-related concern.
a: Big things coming soon including our EP
q: I have an otherwise unimportant concern.
a: , click he
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