FOrtunately they were just around just by in time. Flesh narc was started by three the have the POrt separate whih allows ouy to buy They snort but who ‘s laughing when you ‘re havi ng the ti me of your life on a sand —- Hey there ❤ HIi’Hi



q: What is Flesh Narc
a: nexr time
q: What are you saying on that song. it sounds like something
a: How about next time you ask us to perform at “Millennial Waters” you actually use your budget to furnish the place. They showed up all sizzle na -audience actively leaving because of performing opener “The Swim Swim Swim Swims” horible polka + (some might call it brostep, no judgment here) brostep act who brought the pa and left with it riding dance wave crowd surfing the whole PA to load-out down the street. this next part was most miserable of all but it was unrelated.
q: Will I like any of this
a: I’d say you could mail it but it might be a few days before i can post an address et.
q: I have a concern related to a performance
a: it’s all up to like, the offer, budget, many various money . i’ve known fewer whod bescribble something and just be done with it right. Lol
q: I have a concern regarding Flesh Narc’s manager
a: sadly I cannot reserve freerunds. My copy of strings The mixtape LP was sadly going to be epic but upon receipt of 4 different copys Straight from amazon warehouse outlet themselves, everyo single one of them had the same bend on the jacket and i made one of them myself. so all of a sudden your probelm seems kinda not that big a deal ok
q: When will you release this song that you played live a few years ago that isn’t on your bandcamp?
a: We’re like a slaw -recipe required (demonstrating this skill here that we would need to review.)
q: Will you ever make vinyl?
a: I donr agree with your methods but gardan it. This an electable offense to discern the terlectic i hold that you have pertended upon us. Why chug it
q: My package was damaged/packaged incorrectly
a: I only ask that your bepatience. As a band it is turmoil that we undure to put ourselves in songwriting debt (as here defined: vanished profit of timely release and Relevance “”) it’s mixed so severe that. I just don’t know. I adont have a quick answer to that question.
a: , click he
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